When Joe Sakic saw Scott Stevens coming at him at full speed, and did what nobody thought was possible

Scott Stevens was massive, and many of his opponents didn’t exactly skate around laughing, knowing that he was on the ice. Stevens put in a couple of dirty hits throughout his career, but often, he played hard and fair.

He played over 1600 NHL games, won the Stanley Cup three times, and was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2008. Scott Stevens had several hits that hockey fans will never forget.

That includes a demolishing hit on Paul Kariya in the 2003 Stanley Cup Final, but the most well-known one came in the 2000 Game 7 Eastern Conference Final when he destroyed Eric Lindros. Eric Lindros wasn’t exactly a small player or a non-physical guy, but Stevens could take on anyone.

Well, almost anyone.

In a game against the Colorado Avalanche, Scott Stevens saw the perfect opportunity to hit Joe Sakic against the board. But Joe Sakic was rock-hard, and when he saw Stevens coming at him in full speed, he was prepared and answered with one of the best reverse hits of all time. This is just beautiful to watch, and this showcases precisely what a player Joe Sakic was.

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