When Jaromir Jagr thought the coast was clear and ran into a freight train by the name of Bob Probert

Many rookies get to experience that the NHL can be a pretty rough place. Sure, it’s the dream to play in the best league in the world but at the same time it is very demanding.

For the youngsters that are hyped by experts, the treatment from opponents can take its toll. But really, you don’t have to be a rookie to get hit hard or put in place.

Just ask Jaromir Jagr.

Bob Probert was definitely a player you didn’t want to mess with. The Windsor, Ontario native threw his gloves over 120 times during his playing days, but he could also put in big hits.

In a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, Probert got the opportunity to take a hit on Jaromir Jagr.

And it was a big one, one that the czech star probably never will forget.


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