When Chris Pronger took a puck to the chest, almost died and woke up thinking Al MacInnis was God

Few players in NHL history have had the same incredible shot as Al MacInnis. He was known for having one of the most brutal slap shots in the league, and when he unleashed it, the goalkeepers could only close their eyes and hope to be in the way. Or maybe not.

When he raised his stick, it was best for defenders to stay away, and if they actually got in the way of the slapper, anything could happen.

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But that wasn’t the only reason why St. Louis Blues fans adored him so much. He played 23 seasons in the NHL, and in St. Louis Blues for ten of them.

He was captain of the team in the 2002-03 season and had his No. 2 jersey retired by the club.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

And just to give an example of how great he was.

One time, in May 1998, his teammate Chris Pronger was struck in the chest by a puck.

Pronger’s heart got knocked out of rhythm, and he collapsed on the ice.

As he woke up, laying on his back, he looked up and saw just lights and the face of Al MacInnis, leaning down against him. What went through Pronger’s mind at that time?

” I said, ‘My God, the people of St. Louis are right. Al MacInnis IS God!”.

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