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Chris Pronger reveals hilarious interaction with Tie Domi when watching Kelly Chase play hockey for the very first time

Pronger reveals the first time he was Chase play

Reveals hilarious interaction with Tie Domi

How a teammate alomst got Pronger $1 million

Awesome story from Prongs!

Mike Keenan's legendary words after Chris Pronger's shocking test results

There was no doubt that Chris Pronger was a talented player. He was selected second overall in the 1993 NHL ...

Chris Pronger has only been humiliated by one player, and now, all he can do is laugh about it

Chris Pronger was a heck of a defenseman, and he didn’t fear playing against anyone. Well, that’s what we thought. ...

When P.K. Subban ducked a punch from Chris Pronger and told him to "suck it" in his only second NHL game

There weren’t many players who had the gut to mess with Chris Pronger. The legendary defenseman was perhaps the dirtiest ...