When Chris Chelios went all in for the Stanley Cup and ended up with numbed nuts instead

Chris Chelios didn’t whine about unnecessary things. However, sometimes it’s just not possible to continue playing. Especially if the team doctor numb your nuts.

During the 1995-96 season, the NHL welcomed a new team into the league.

Colorado Avalanche was founded as the Quebec Nordiques moved to Denver. The team featured stars such as Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, Patrick Roy and Mike Ricci. And boy, did they have a pretty good season.

The Avalanche was up against the Blackhawks in the Western Conference semifinals with Chicago holding a 2-1 game lead. Chris Chelios was one of the biggest stars on the team. But in the 4th game, he was missing from the lineup.

In the beginning it was said Chelios had an equipment problem but the fans didn’t understand what was happening.
Especially since the game went to a third overtime period, with Chelios briefly skating out before each OT period and then returned to the dressing room.

But it was a little more complicated than only an equipment problem, as told by Yahoo Sports.

The next day, it was revealed that Chelios was suffering from a groin problem which he’d struggled with the entire series.

Before the game, Blackhawks doctors tried giving him a shot of cortisone so he could play. But everything got worse instead.

The doctor his a nerve when attempting giving him the shot and instead numbed Chelios’ right leg and groin.

The Avalanche made it through and rocked a 4-0 series victory over the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup final. And if not for the embarrassing Chelios injury, maybe the Blackhawks would’ve been there instead.

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