When six Marines asked for trouble in a bar and bumped into Tie Domi

If you know who Tie Domi is, you would probably know that it’d be a good idea to stay out of the way if someone was looking for trouble.

The legendary forward was one of the most notorious fighters in the NHL, threw his gloves 270 times throughout his career, putting up a total of 245 points in 1020 games.

When being on the road, many players decide to head out to some restaurant to enjoy a nice dinner while some chose the bar instead. And this time it was Domi, playing for the Maple Leafs, who went to a Chicago bar together with a couple of teammates.

But the evening took an unexpected turn as a half dozen Marines started to make fun of the Maple Leafs teammates. Domi decided to step in.

“Tie comes in and says, `Hey, what’s going on?’ and one of the guys says, ‘Hey, you *** midget, this is none of your business,’ and Tie says, `It is now,'” Domi’s teammate recalled in an interview with The Star.

If you’d know who Tie Domi is, you would probably back down at that point.

But the Marines? No.

“This guy hauls back and punches Tie in the face and Tie looks at him and says, `That’s not your best shot. I’ll give you one more,'” the teammate recalls in the interview. “Now, I can tell this guy has broken his hand and his buddies are like, `Oh ***, it looks like we picked on the wrong midget.’ He can’t punch with his right, so he gives Tie a little baby punch with his left and then Tie must have hit this guy 50 times. He was begging Tie to stop.,

It’s probably fair to say that the Marines knew who Tie Domi was after that.

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