When Brett Hull misinterpreted his coach on purpose, got kicked out of practice and left with his golf clubs.

Brett Hull is one of the greatest ever, and he scored a sensational 741 goals during his 18 seasons in the NHL. Hull just loved to score and the offensive game, which made him of the most notorious scorers in the league’s history.

And he didn’t exactly enjoy when his team suddenly played a more defensive way or if they weren’t going forward. One time, he even refused to score goals just because of what his coach had said the day before.

” It was a playoff game, and we lost 8-5. I said to the team in the morning, “It doesn’t matter how many goals we score. If we give up this many goals, we’re never going to win.” I said, “We can’t play like this,” Ken Hitchcock, former Dallas Stars coach, told the Athletic.

Hull didn’t like what he heard.

“He took it like goals don’t matter, so he chipped the pucks in the corner on a 1-on-0 warmup, and on the 2-on-1s, he just chipped them into the corner.”

Brendan Morrow, forward for the Stars at the time, said:

“Hitch is like, “What the fuck are you doing?” Hullie says, “Well, you said goals don’t matter.”

It ended with Hitchcock throwing Hull out of the practice.

But Hull didn’t get too bummed out by the throwing-off. Instead, he took it with a smile.

Marty Turco, Stars goalie at the time, recalls.

“Four or five minutes later, we see them walking out with their golf clubs, waving at everybody on the ice.”

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