Wes McCauley turns into dad during Stanley Cup Finals, having hilarious conversation with referee

What would the Stanley Cup finals be like without Wes McCauley?

The legendary referee’s been calling the shots in the NHL since 2003, and has grown into one of the most respected refs in the game.

McCauley’s been in over 1,000 NHL games throughout his career and also voted as the best referee by the players several times.

Sure, he’s turned into a respected referee for making fair and correct calls according to the rule book.

But maybe even more so, McCauley’s a fan favorite because of his ability to make dramatic and awesome calls. It surely makes it more fun watching, and even coaches have been seen laughing because of it.

Not only does the Georgetown, Ontario native make great calls. Also, he has the ability to talk to players, coaches and his fellow linesmen in a way that makes him the one in charge on the ice.

McCauley was calling the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals, with the Dallas Stars beating Tampa Bay 4-1.

In a video from the NHL and ESPN series “Quest For The Stanley Cup”, the 48-year-old is seen speaking to referee Francis Charron, who was heard swearing.

It turns out that McCauley is more than a referee, becoming what could be explained as a father.

This is awesome!


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