Wes McCauley’s at it again with another awesome call

Wes McCauley is known for his dramatic calls on the ice.
Tuesday night, the long time NHL referee delivered another awesome call during “The Battle of New York”.

Wes McCauley made his NHL debut as a referee in 2003. Since then, the Georgetown, Ontario native has grown into being one of the most respected referees in the game.

McCauley’s got over 1000 games on his resume and last weekend, in a poll involving 392 NHL players published in The Athletic, he was voted the best referee in the league with a staggering 71 percent.

Photo credit: Youtube/Sportsnet

It’s not only by making good calls Mccauley has turned into one of the most respected referees in the league. Also, he’s become some sort of a fan favorite by calling awesome and dramatic calls.

Tuesday night, he was back at it again in “The Battle of New York”.

McCauley made fans wait with a dramatic coach’s challenge announcement. And at the same time, he battled with an uncooperative mic.

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