Wayne Gretzky names the funniest guy he ever played with, says this superstar ‘genius’ always made him laugh

Wayne Gretzky is the greatest hockey player of all time. When he retired, he had 60 official NHL records to his name.

A few years later, he had 61, and since then, he hasn’t lost many of those.

Gretzky reached heights people never thought were possible, and he not only surpassed some of the game’s most recognizable and legendary players, but he absolutely demolished their records.

Gretzky is the greatest goal scorer, assist maker, and point producer of all time.

Gretzky played with and against some of the best players ever, and he’s got plenty of great hockey-related stories to share.

Playing in the NHL for almost 20 years, you hear and see a lot of thinks. But to Gretzky, no one was funnier to be around than Brett Hull.

Earlier this year, Gretzky appeared on comedian Theo Von’s podcast, ‘This Past Weekend,’ and was asked who the funniest guy he had ever spent time around was. He didn’t hesitate for a second.

”Oh, Brett Hull, he’s a genius,” Gretzky said.

”Brett Hull is one of the funniest and nicest people you ever, ever meet. He remembers every word and every song. He remembers lines from movies.”

Source: Getty Images

But what Gretzky liked most about Brett Hull was how kind he was to everybody.

”He’s got a big heart. He’s a tremendous guy.”

Source: Bildbyran

On the podcast, Gretzky talked about many things other than hockey. For instance, he was asked about some memorable concerts he had seen, and he shared a great story about Chicago, which he had seen at just 16.

”Two years later, I was playing in the World Cup for Canada, and their producer called me and said, ’There are a couple of guys from Chicago that want to come to your practice. Can you get them in?’ So they came in, and their drummer used to play goalkeeper in hockey, so they came there, and I was sitting there when we went for lunch, ’Two years ago, I was sitting in the last row, watching their concert. And two years later, I’m having lunch with them.’ I always said that was one of my favorite concerts.

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