Trevor Zegras got called on the funniest penalty all year, and his response to it is absolutely hilarious

There’s always something happening around Trevor Zegras. If he’s not doing amazing dekes or lacrosse-style goals or assists, he often finds a way to be at the center of attention, and he’s the heart of the Anaheim Ducks’ offense.

Although the Ducks have been struggling this season, especially in the offense, Zegras is doing well, and he’s currently on 29 points through 39 games. Last year, he was a Calder Trophy finalist, and he’s one of the most popular players in the league, mostly thanks to his breathtaking goals.

But he’s also a really funny guy off the ice, and as soon as something special happens on the ice, he has some amusing things to say about it post-games.

Last night, in Ducks’ matchup against the Stars, Zegras took one of the most hilarious penalty calls this year. Zegras was battling against the boards with Stars’ Joel Kiviranta when his stick suddenly broke. With nothing left to do, Zegras chose to steal Kiviranta’s stick and continued to play with it. It didn’t take long until the refs blew the whistle, and Zegras was called with ”playing with an illegal stick.”

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Zegras tried to talk the refs out of it, but it didn’t help. The Stars didn’t score on the man advantage, and the Ducks won the game 2-0. Zegras recorded one helper and was in a great mood when talking to the media post-game.

He joked a lot about the incident and the penalty call.

”My stick broke and I pinned him up against the glass, and I was like, ’You know what? I’m gonna steal his stick.’ Everyone knew it was a penalty but me I guess.”

”The only thing I could remember was Bobby Ryan scoring with a right-handed stick. And that’s the first thing that came to mind when I broke mine. I tried to claim that I found it on the ice, which nobody was buying.”

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