Travis Green furious after Bruins player throws Elias Pettersson into the boards

Young star Elias Pettersson got hit hard into the boards last night after Boston defenceman Matt Grzelcyk’s hit.

Asked about the hit, Canucks’ head coach Travis Green was furious calling out the league for not protecting the players.

The game had only went on for a couple of minutes before Vancouver star Elias Pettersson got thrown into the boards by defenceman Matt Grzelcyk.

The Swedish center laid on the ice for a couple of seconds before getting up on his feet.

Grzelcyk appeared to check in on Pettersson after the hit. He received no penalty on the play.

After the game, Canucks’ head coach Travis Green was furious about the situation.

I’m so frustrated with it. This guy’s one of the best young players in the league, and he gets hit and he’s totally defenseless. It’s two seconds after he lets go of the puck, I’ve watching it a couple times. He’s unassuming, he has no… He’s defenseless”, Green said.

Green continued blasting the NHL for not protecting the players in the same sort of situations. He spoke in similar terms after Elias Pettersson suffered a concussion after the reckless act by Florida Panthers defenceman Mike Matheson.

“Those are hits that the league is trying to get out of the game, especially against top young guys, top players in the league. And I think that Petey’s shown he is one of those guys”, Green said.

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