Milan Lucic absolutely smashes Evander Kane and trading punches with Goodrow

Milan Lucic got heavy critic for not stepping in and taking on someone during the Battle of Alberta.

However, last night, the Flames forward was back in action against the San Jose Sharks.

The Battle of Alberta between the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers didn’t disapoint anyone that wanted to se some old time hockey.

Sean Monahan, Matthew Tkachuk and even goalie Mike Smith dropped their gloves against the Oilers antagonists but Lucic stood aside.

“It’s not the ’80s anymore. You can’t just go around jumping people, Lucic said after the game regarding him not stepping in and delivering a big hit or dropping his gloves.

“There are certain situations you wish you were on the ice for. The goalie fight and all that was just stuff that happened organically. It’s not like I can jump off the bench or just go around punching people in the head. I got a two-game suspension this year earlier for defending my goaltender with a jab.”

The Flames were back in action against the San Jose Sharks last night. And that was going to involve Lucic responding with a clear message.

Late in the first period, Lucic smashed Evander Kane with a huge hit at the Flames bench. Sharks’ teammate Barclay Goodrow was not that enthusiastic over the hit, and decided to drop his gloves against Lucic.

Who won the fight? Well, Lucic surely gave plenty of people a statement that he hasn’t lost his spirit.

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