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Elias Pettersson

NHL point-leader Elias Pettersson stuns fans with a crazy one-timer; they claim it’s the hardest shot of the season

Elias Pettersson stuns fans with crazy one-timer

One of the hardest slappers this season

Elias Pettersson with the biggest hit this year

No one saw this coming

Good guy Elias Pettersson tries to waive off a soft penalty he drew, he deserves all the praise for this

Elias Pettersson is having an incredible season. The Vancouver Canucks had high expectations of them when entering the new season, ...

Elias Pettersson's wholesome gesture, playing hot potato with Martinez in the middle of scrum

The Canucks have tied the series against the Vegas Golden Knights, winning 5-2 last night. Elias Pettersson continued his point ...

Golden Knights taunt Pettersson mid-game

The Golden Knights tried to really get Pettersson frustrated.

Elias Pettersson has great reaction to mind-boggling question

He has joined the club on their two-game road trip that begins tonight and skated during their practice Tuesday morning. ...