That time Jaromir Jagr started shouting at reporters, demanding to win the least Jaromir Jagr award ever

There’s nobody like Jaromir Jagr. Few people have been so popular as Jagr, and it didn’t stop at his team’s fans. Everyone just loved him, and the reasons for that were many.

Jagr played 1,733 games in the NHL with nine different teams and scored 1,921 points, with 766 goals and 1,155 assists. Jagr is second in points in NHL history, only behind the in-human Wayne Gretzky.

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Jagr still plays in the Czech league with Kladno, for which he’s also the owner. Jagr’s best days as a player are behind him, but in his prime, the Czech could do it all. Jagr was just sensational in scoring and always found a way to set his teammates up for goals.
Jagr always had something special planned and had a hockey IQ few people ever could match.

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But Jagr wasn’t the complete player. He was amazing in offensive plays, but playing defense was never his greatest strength.
Jaromir Jagr never won the Selke Trophy, given to the NHL forward who demonstrates the most skill in the defensive component of the game.
If we’re being completely honest, he probably wasn’t even considered.

But when Jagr actually did some great defensive play, he was thrilled about it. Following a game in 2012, when Jagr played for the Philadelphia Flyers, Jagr was asked one last question about a defensive play he made in that game to prevent a goal in a Flyers win.

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Several other media members had already left, but when Jagr got this final question, he stood up out of his seat and screamed: ”I am so glad you asked that question!”

Jagr began calling every media member in the room back over to him while still screaming: ”Selke Trophy! Right here! When you vote for the Selke Trophy, remember my name!”

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