Tony Twist fought his best man FOUR times, and their interaction after the last one is peak hockey players

Tony Twist was a special, special player. When Ross Bernstein wrote the book ”The Code: The Unwritten Rules Of Fighting And Retaliation In The NHL,” Tony Twist penned a foreword. That says a lot about his abilities on the ice.

Tony Twist was selected in the ninth round of the 1988 NHL Entry Draft. Although he got passed for 176 picked, it would be a great selection by the St. Louis Blues. His start to his NHL career wasn’t great, however. After just one season with the Blues, he moved to Quebec Nordiques, where he stayed for four years.

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Then, in 1994, he returned to St. Louis. He played with the Blues until his career ended, and when he eventually ended his career, he did as a cult hero for the Blues.

Twist was a classic enforcer. He didn’t play for the Blues because of his abilities with the puck or to score goals. Instead, he was always out to get opponents and wasn’t scared of anyone. Twist played 445 NHL games and had over 1,110 PIMs.

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Together with Kelly Chase, Twist formed the St. Louis Brues Brothers. Both weighed in at over 200 pounds and a tall six feet, and they took no prisoners on the ice.

When they were on different teams, they fought each other. And heck, Twist fought everyone that came in his way.
Tony Twist even fought the best man at his wedding FIVE times. And their interaction after their fourth fight is why everyone loves enforcers.

”Hey, I even fought Kerry Clark, who was the best man at my wedding, five different times. How’s that for not personal? The first two came when we were roommates in junior hockey. The first few were more wrestling matches than anything else, but by the fourth they got heated,” Twist wrote in The Code: The Unwritten Rules Of Fighting And Retaliation In The NHL.

13 Jan 1999: Tony Twist #18 of the St. Louis Blues stretches out on the ice before the game against the Buffalo Sabres at the Marine Midland Arena in Buffalo, New York. The Blues defeated the Sabres 4-2. Source: Getty Images

”I remember the fourth one, in Peoria, and I just beat the shit out of him. I wound up on top of him, and he said, ”Loser buys pizza!”, and I said, ”Look’s like your buying then,” to which he responded, ”Yeah, but winners buy beer, asshole!” We laughed about that one for a long time.”

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