Wayne Gretzky gave every teammate of his a gift after his last ever game, and it’s now worth millions of dollars

Wayne Gretzky was going out to play his last game ever. But first, he wanted to do something really special for his teammates.

Today, his gifts are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The whole world watched as Wayne Gretzky was playing his last game. The Great One had already broken all kinds of records. And now he was tying his skates for the last time. But Gretzky wasn’t just a great player; he was a great teammate, and he proved it during this very special day. Gretzky was always thinking one step ahead of everyone else, and this was no exception.

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After the game, Gretzky had trouble finding words. He told the media that he never wanted to take his jersey or skates off. But when everything calmed down, he gathered his teammates and coaches and gave them a special gift. Every single one got one stick from The Great One, and what’s special about it?

Ahead of the game, Gretzky had signed 40 sticks, and he made sure to play one shift with everyone during the game. He knew they would hold value, and every teammate and coaching member of the Rangers got a stick, used by The Great One, during his last dance.

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Some weeks ago, one stick from the game was auctioned at Sotheby’s. This particular stick was eventually sold for $136,000.

If his teammates were to sell the sticks, they would be wealthy. Swedish outlet Sportbibeln talked to one of Gretzky’s teammates at the time, Niklas Sundstrom, who confirmed they all got signed and used sticks from the game.

”I will never sell it. It will be in my office for a while,” he said.

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Niklas Sundstrom actually lost his given stick for ten years, but the equipment manager of team Sweden kept it in safe custody. The stick is signed with Gretzky’s autograph, the date, and on top of the stick, ”1487,” the number of games he played in the NHL. Sundstrom is beyond thankful for what Gretzky did that day.

”It’s pure class. That’s what he’s like as a person. A class act. It was a hell of a move of him. He didn’t had to do it. He just did it because he’s a great guy.”

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