Is this Bob Probert’s hardest punch ever? Poor guy Daryl Stanley didn’t stand a chance

Bob Probert was a machine. He’s one of the best players in NHL history, at least when it comes to fighting. Probert was a true enforcer, not known for his goal-scoring abilities or playmaking. Instead, Probert did everything to protect his teammates, and it was his mission not to let any of his opponents get the best of his teammates.

Bob Probert is fourth on the NHL’s All-Time PIM list, with 3,300 penalty minutes. He was one half of the ”Bruise Brothers,” with legendary enforcer Joey Kocur. Bob Probert’s teammates absolutely loved him, but his opponents feared him.

According to Probert’s autobiography, he had 246 NHL fights and didn’t lose many of them. Probert is one of the best fighters in history, but what is his best fight ever? Probert usually let his opponents take the first few punches, but when he hit back, he did it hard.

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His hardest punch ever was probably in a fight against Daryl Stanley. Stanley took the first punches but wasn’t ready when Probert hit back with power. Stanley’s helmet went flying, and it’s a miracle everything turned out okay for him. What a magnificent punch!

That’s also one of the reasons Probert was such a nightmare to play against. You always knew he was there to give it to an opponent, and he never backed down from anyone.

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One time, fellow enforcer Tie Domi was asked who his toughest opponent was. He refused to answer, all because of Bob Probert.

”Aw, I don’t answer that one anymore. I don’t rank fighters anymore. I did it once a few years ago when I said Bob Probert, and it was like the heavyweight championship of the world the next time we went at it,” Domi told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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