Sidney Crosby takes shot at the NHL and officials after being ejected for the first time in his career

Sidney Crosby wasn’t exactly happy when he left Los Angeles after Saturday’s matchup against the Kings.

Sidney Crosby got into an argument with Kings defenseman Mikey Anderson, which led to him being ejected for the first time in his NHL career.

Crosby is known for having a hot temper and for often playing on the edge. But before Saturday, he had never been ejected from a game, and many thought he didn’t deserve it this time. 

Crosby first got cross-checked by Anderson, and as he was hauled off to the penalty box, Crosby decided to skate over and say something.

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As they were talking, the refs intervened and immediately chose to eject Crosby from the game.

Crosby couldn’t understand it.

“I dunno,” said Crosby when asked what happened. “Anderson was going to the box and saying something to me so him and I exchange words and next thing I know I was told I got a 10.”

Sidney Crosby was extremely disappointed post-game. Crosby is a great leader and a great captain, and he couldn’t say all the things that ran through his mind.

We can only imagine he would like to slam the league and its officials, but instead, he said the following:

“I mean can I really say what I think anyway without…” Crosby then trailed off and never finished his sentence. Instead, he just said, “Let’s be honest here.”

The Penguins lost the game 6-0 against the Kings. Their still second for the Wild Card in Eastern. 

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