P.K. Subban and Joe Thornton team-up in the best commercial we have ever seen, this is pure gold

When hockey players appear in commercials, it’s usually a blast. It happens now and then, and it’s often hilarious when you see star players without their gear in front of a camera.

Who can, for example, forget about the time Nicklas Backstrom and Alexander Ovechkin teamed up in MassMutual Insurance’s commercial, talking about how important it is to protect your partner.

There are many examples of how great hockey players can be in front of the camera, but I think we’ve just found our new favorite.

This weekend, Apple Canada premiered a new commercial for the iPhone 14 Plus. In the ad, hockey icons P.K. Subban and Joe Thornton teams up, and it’s such a great watch. The ad starts with the duo searching for something on what looks to be an outdoor rink.

Subban first picks up a hockey stick, and then Thornton finds what they seem to be looking for. Thornton rushes to Subban to show him a tooth. Subban tries the tooth in his mouth, but it clearly doesn’t fit the gap, so the duo keeps on searching. 

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Apple wants to show that for long nights, you need longer battery life, and that’s what the Apple 14 Plus brings.

With the phone, Thornton and Subban can be out looking for the missing teeth for as long as they need.

Hockey fans are absolutely loving the ad, and on social media, everyone’s so excited to see two icons team up like this.

”No dialogue just 2 men looking for a missing tooth,” one said.

”And finding someone else’s. That’s pretty funny,” another said.

”I think this might be one of my favourite commercials ever made,” a third added.

The ad premiered in Canada during Super Bowl LVII. 


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