Ryan Reaves did the most Ryan Reaves thing ever against the Wild’s bench, after fighting Marcus Foligno

Ryan Reaves did the most Ryan Reaves thing ever against Wild’s bench, after fighting Marcus Foligno.

The New York Rangers were up 6-3 with just minutes to go against the Minnesota Wild. The Wild was heading for a clear loss in their season opener, and Marcus Foligno felt he had to do something.

But what can you really do to get your team going with three goals down and six minutes on the clock? Start a fight, of course.

There’s been a few fights and scrums at the beginning of this NHL season, but no heavyweight fight like the one we saw in Minnesota last night. During a face-off, Marcus Foligno turned to the biggest guy on the ice, and one of the craziest players in the NHL, Ryan Reaves.

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Reaves isn’t easy to fight, but Foligno did surprisingly well and got a few punches. After a while, Reaves got the upper hand, and the referees interfered. But it wouldn’t be Ryan Reaves if it ended there. So instead, Reaves skated toward the Minnesota bench and pointed to his muscle as he skated from the fight. We’ve seen Reaves do stuff like that so many times during his career, but it’s always special when it happens for the first time in a new season.

Ryan Reaves is now in his second year with the Rangers, and he wasn’t shy in his first. He was in three major fights last season, including a memorable one with Pat Marron of the Tampa Bay Lightning. This season, he only had to wait until his second game to fight, and if this keeps going, it will be a busy season for the heavyweight.

And well done to Marcus Foligno for trying to fire up his squad and home fans. We love to see it!

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