Referee has everyone laughing with hilarious words caught on hot mic after tripping Stars’ Joe Pavelski

The Dallas Stars have started the season great, and five games into the season, they’re second in Western only behind the Colorado Avalanche.

They have four wins in five games played, and on Tuesday’s Frozen Frenzy matchup against the Pittsburgh Penguins, they put up yet another great performance, dominating all over the ice and winning 4-1. But some things happened during the game that really had fans off their seats, and we’re not talking about goals.

For one thing, Pens rookie John Ludvig left the game injured after delivering a monster hit that left him unconscious on the ice. Ludvig needed assistance from teammates to get off the ice, and he’ll probably sidelined for some time to come.

But another situation occurred in the game, and if Ludvig’s injury was scary and uncomfortable to watch, this one was more humorous, and it had fans laughing thanks to a great saying from a referee caught on hot mic.

On the Pat McAfee show, Pat McAfee showed an awesome sequence from the game between the Stars and the Pens, as a referee tripped Joe Pavelski during the game.

The referee felt bad about it, and he was caught on hot mic apologizing to Pavelski while skating to the neutral zone, and what he had to say was absolutely hilarious.

“I owe you a beer!” He screamed to Pavelski.

We always love it when referees interact with players, especially joking with them. Ref Wes McCauley has been praised a lot for his behavior towards star players, always chirping them and just being a great person on the ice.

Every time a ref gets caught saying something on a hot mic, it brings laughter, and this was no exception. We absolutely love it!

Pat McAfee has recently found a liking to hockey, and now has the ’Hockey is Awesome’ segment in all of his shows, and it’s certainly well worth a watch:

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