Fans can’t stop laughing at Brad Marchand hilariously trolling Connor Bedard for the second time this season

Brad Marchand is this year’s new captain of the Boston Bruins, but that doesn’t stop him from doing his regular shenanigans on the ice, always putting on a show for the spectators in the form of chirping and generally being a rat on the ice.

During his long and successful NHL career, Brad Marchand has been known for always being a special character. He’s widely considered the biggest pest in the league, always trying to get under the skin of his opponents, and sometimes, he crosses the line.

No player in league history has served more individual suspensions, but to be fair, he’s calmed down a bit during the last couple of seasons. As Patrice Bergeron has now retired, Brad Marchand was named the new captain of the Boston Bruins, and as the face of the franchise, he’ll need to continue taking it easy.

But when the Bruins played the Chicago Blackhawks earlier this season, Marchand turned his attention to rookie phenom Connor Bedard. As both players were heading to their respective benches, Marchand took hold of Bedard’s stick and just wouldn’t let it go.

The incident between the players was hilarious and had fans talking, and when they played each other on Tuesday again, Marchand was action back to his regular antics.

Marchand tried everything to get Bedard frustrated, and one time during the game, the veteran forward pinned young Bedard against the board and simply refused to move one bit. Bedard was stuck between the boards and Marchand, and had no way of getting out, and he looked extremely uninterested in giving Marchand what he wanted.

Both Connor Bedard and Brad Marchand were scoreless as the Bruins won over the Blackhawks, 3-0, improving their perfect record to six straight wins to start the season.

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