Kraken scores moments after obvious referee error, fans are calling it ‘one of the most blatant missed calls of all time’

The matchup between the Detroit Red Wings and the Seattle Kraken on Tuesday was entertaining and intense, but it was overshadowed by a catastrophic decision by the referees that had fans absolutely furious.

It’s not easy being an NHL referee, and there’s usually no room for error, but this one might have cost the Red Wings the game, and it looked pretty obvious, which had fans even more riled up. The Seattle Kraken were up 2-1 in the game as Red Wings’ Olli Maatta had a great scoring opportunity.

Maatta was preparing for a one-timer but couldn’t get his shot away as Jaden Schwartz tossed his stick right at the puck, disturbing Maatta as the puck moved. The rules are clear about throwing a stick or any object. Seattle should’ve been assessed a minor penalty, or a penalty shot, for Schwartz’s stick-throwing, but the referees didn’t call the play.

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Not only did it go un-penalized, but the Kraken got the puck after breaking up the potential scoring chance, and moments later, Tye Kartye scored the 3-1 goal on a breakaway. The game finished 4-4 in regulation, and in overtime, the Kraken won the game. On social media, fans were absolutely fuming at the referees for not calling a penalty, with some even calling it some of the worst decisions they’ve ever seen.

”Might be the worst call of the season,” one said.

”This is one of the most blatant missed calls I have ever seen,” another said.

”Would love to know the refs’ thought process watching that play. ‘Wow nice breakup by that stick, wonder how it got there,’” a third added.

Many also slammed the referees for how they prioritize their officiating.

”Play offside by 1/4″? Better spend 10 minutes reviewing to be sure. Dude chucks his stick at the puck to prevent a scoring chance? Play on!” One said.

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