Pettersson and Boeser connect on spectacular play

20-year-old Elias Pettersson has been the talk around the city of Vancouver. Last night, he gave another reason for Canucks fans to be excited.

The first round draft pick hit the ground running in the NHL and hasn’t looked back. He’s a long way from home, but Vancouver has welcomed him with open arms.

Pettersson has displayed tremendous skill during his short time in the NHL. As mentioned, last night’s play with Brock Boeser makes it hard to not get excited for the future of the Cabucks.

Pettersson displayed some sweet hand-eye coordination, knocking a saucer pass out of the air in the Vegas Golden Knights‘ defensive end. As he attempted to skate towards the net, he was tripped up and Golden Knights had a delayed penalty.

Now, with Pettersson down and out, one would think he would let the play die and the Canucks would go on the Power Play. Nope, Petterson continued the play.

On his knees, Pettersson miraculously found a way to spin and put the puck right on Boeser’s stick for the one-timer in the slot. Boeser made no mistake and buried off the tremendous pass, giving the Canucks a one-goal lead midway through the first period.

It was spectacular and will definitely be one of the goals of the year. Social media lost their minds with the play, and rightfully so.

As the Canucks closed the door on the era of the Sedin twins, another obviously opened with the talent of Pettersson and Boeser.

It’ll be fun for years to watch these two players compete at the highest level.