Peter Forsberg always had three words written in his mouthguard, and the reason why is just too hilarious

With two Stanley Cups and two Olympic golds, Peter Forsberg is a true legend in hockey. He just had it all, and his points per game in the NHL are still one of the most impressive.

Forsberg was a physical player, and he wasn’t exactly the one you could bully on the ice. He also had the hand-eye coordination to do some fantastic stuff on the ice.

But Forsberg’s most significant asset was perhaps his winning mentality. He just hated losing and would do everything to score a goal or win a game. He never backed down to anyone, but that also led to heated moments.

Forsberg played with a temperament, so he had a simple little trick to help him not lose it completely.

Forsberg has revealed that he always had three words written on his mouthguard to remind him what he should and shouldn’t do while playing.

”I used to write, ’Take it easy, and when I looked at it on the bench, you had to snap out of it. My biggest focus was on winning, but sometimes I just felt like hunting someone down. It wasn’t even on my mind to get the puck, it was just to crush somebody.”

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