Mika Zibanejad gets called on softest goalie interference this season, and fans are outrageous

Mika Zibanejad is off to a great start to this year’s NHL campaign. The Swede has grown to be one of the league’s best players and a leader for the New York Rangers. Last season, he scored 29 goals and 81 points in 81 played games in the regular season.

In the playoffs, he scored 24 points in 20 games, and he’s also off to a flying start this year. With 17 games played in the season, Zibanejad has nine goals and 19 points to his name.

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Last night, in New York Rangers’ matchup against the Arizona Coyotes, he had one assist in a 4-1 win. But it was something completely different that caught the fans’ attention. With under two minutes left of the second period, Zibanejad had a great opportunity to make it 3-0 to the Rangers.

As he was going for a rebound from goalie Connor Ingram, Zibanejad touched the goalie, who fell to the ice. Ingram was outside his crease, but the referees didn’t care, and Zibanejad was sent to the penalty box for a two-minute minor goalie interference.

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Arizona didn’t capitalize on the one-man advantage, but fans were still outrageous that Zibanejad was called for a penalty.

”Noted goon and professional dirty player Mika “DJ Zbad” Zibanejad making an absolutely disgraceful play by skating straight here,” one fan said on Reddit.

”If the goalie tags you, you get goalie interference?” Said another one.

”Zibanajad must have a giant magnet in his pocket,” a third added.

”Jesus. Hope he gets fined for embellishment,” a fourth wrote.

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Many also thought that Ingram should’ve been called for embellishment and shouldn’t leave his crease if he can’t handle contact with other players.

”He came out of his crease. You want to act like a player, you’ll get treated one. He was fair game in that instance. Had it been in his crease? I’d agree with goalie interference,” one said on Twitter.

”What’s he supposed to do when the goalie comes that far out of the crease?” Another said.

”Goalie deserves an Oscar,” a third added.

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