Luc Robitaille shares awesome story about incredible prank on Jaromir Jagr

There’s no one quite like Jaromir Jagr. He’s a living legend, and he refuses to give up hockey. Jagr still plays in his native Czechia for the team Kladno, for which he’s also the owner.

There was no doubt that Jagr was going to be an amazing player. But Pittsburgh Penguins believed he was a superstar in the making, and they were right.

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Jagr won the Stanley Cup immediately, and with Mario Lemieux, he was the face of the franchise during the 90s.

Jaromir Jagr’s amazing legacy in the NHL will live on forever, and it’s not just because of what he did on the ice. Jaromir Jagr was always one of a kind regarding game preparation and practicing.

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He loves to put weights on his skates and stick to get stronger, and he also has a really special sleep schedule. As he could be awake at weird hours, he practiced whenever he wanted to and never took a day off.

Jagr was also a real prankster who could always make his teammates laugh. Just ask Luc Robitaille.

Source: Bildbyran

When Robitaille talked with Sports Illustrated some years ago, he shared an awesome story about Jagr and a prank Robitaille and his kid pulled on him.

”We had a lot of fun. My son and I at the time I was in Pittsburgh, he was six years old and I would bring him to the rink, and Jaromir always stayed late in practice, even those days. I would too, so there was one time where my son and I were teasing him, and he was always playing with the kids. He’s just one of those guys, he’s always having fun,” Robitaille said.

”So we put some baby powders in the hairdryer, and we waited on the side, and Jaromir saw that we did that, and he pretended that he got it in his hair. My son thought it was the greatest moment ever. It’s just one of those guys, he really was having fun with the kids.”

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