Jordan Binnington thinks he’s indestructible, goes for massive check on Jordan Staal but ends up humiliated

It’s no doubt that Jordan Binnington is a great goalie. But he often draws attention for other things than great saves, and this season, he’s been all over the place.

During last year’s playoff game against the Colorado Avalanche, Binnington threw a water bottle at Nazem Kadri, who was right in the middle of giving an interview.

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Earlier this season, Binnington allowed five goals in 19 shots against the LA Kings, and as he was pulled, he skated right by the Kings bench to chirp his opponents. Binnington always plays with a hot temper.

Sometimes, it helps him, but sometimes, he gets punished for it.

Binnington always plays on the edge. He’s not shy about leaving his goal to get rid of the puck; sometimes, that means colliding with opponents. Last night showed a great example of just that.

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During the Blues’ matchup against the Carolina Hurricanes, the puck was dumped into the Blues’ defensive zone. Jordan Staal was first to the puck, but as soon as he got control of it, Jordan Binnington was there to stop him.

Source: Twitter

When Binnington realized he was too late to get rid of the puck, he instead tried to body-check Staal, but it went wrong. Binnington didn’t stand a chance with his hit. Instead, he got sent to the ice after Staal delivered a hit of his own.

Jordan Staal wasn’t called on a penalty on the play, and you can’t argue against it. The hit was a clean one, and Binnington simply didn’t stand a chance with his hit. Well played by Jordan Staal!

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