Fans dressed up like grannies and stole the show during NHL game, asking players ”who’s grandpa is single”

To see an NHL game live is never dull. Just sit back, grab a beverage and something to eat, and enjoy the best players in the world… I mean, how could you not love it?

But some fans go the extra mile to do something extra in the arena and stand out from the ordinary fans. There are some really classic examples of this.

Around ten years ago, you could always see The Green Men at Rogers Arena. The Green Men were supporters of the Canucks, and were known for sitting beside the opposing team’s penalty box during Canucks games. They always had green full-body spandex suits, which drew attention, to say the least.

Some fans just love to do something extra, and when the Edmonton Oilers played in Rogers Place the other day, something unique was going on just behind the Oilers bench. Kait Moffat (kaitmoffat/TikTok) and her three friends have for some time dressed up as grandmas. She has shared several videos on TikTok when the friend group dresses up and acts like grannies. So this week, they did it again and headed straight for Rogers Place.

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The video of the ”grannies” on the stand has gone viral, and it’s just a great watch. The group had even prepared signs that said, ’Will trade sweets for puck,’ and, ’Who’s grandpa is single?’

The best part of the video is, without a doubt, when one of the ”G-ma’s” pulls out the good luck trinkets – and Edmonton immediately scores.

It’s certainly a unique and fun idea, and fans love it.

”That explains it. I was mesmerized by them all game long,” one said.

”I think we need the Grannies at every Home Game!! They are Awesome!!!” Said another.

”Oh my god this is amazing!” A third added.

The Edmonton Oilers’ official Twitter account has also seen the video and responded by doing some grandma emojis.

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