Joe Sakic shares awesome story about Brett Hull refusing to score an empty-netter, and we can't stop laughing

Joe Sakic shares awesome story about Brett Hull refusing to score an empty-netter, and we can’t stop laughing

Brett Hull is one of the greatest to ever do it. He’s a true icon of the game, and during his incredible career, he scored 741 goals over 18 seasons.

Hull just loved to score, he loved the offensive side of the game, and he had high demands on his teammates.

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He wanted the game played in the right way. He didn’t love playing defense, and he didn’t love practicing defense.

And it’s hard to argue with a man who’s fifth in NHL goals All-Time. Hull is also one of five players to score 50 goals in 50 games. Hull also won two Stanley Cups and really knows what he’s talking about.

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To be fair, few players have been as great as him in the offensive part of the game, and he sure liked having it his way.

One time, he even refused to score an empty-netter, only because he didn’t want to give his defenders an easy assist, as he thought they had played the wrong way.

During a Sportsnet roundtable with Luc Robitaille, Joe Sakic, and Brett Hull, Joe Sakic shared his favorite Brett Hull story, and it’s way better than we could ever imagine.

”I do remember when I was in Quebec and he was in St. Louis, it was one of his 80-goal years,” Sakic said. ”We were on the ice, and we pull our goalie. There’s a D-man that fires it off the glass and he’s basically got a two-on-one empty net. Then he circles back, throws it back to the defenseman. I was like, ’What is going on?’ So I asked him on the ice after the game, and he said that he would’ve score, but since the D-man threw it off the glass to him, he said, ’I’m not giving the D a cheap assist for throwing it off the glass.’”

As Sakic told the story, Hull and everyone around the tables just laughed hysterically, and it says a lot about Brett Hull and what kind of player he was, always playing the game how it should be played. What a legend!

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