Jeremy Roenick reveals the two toughest players he ever saw in the NHL

Jeremy Roenick is perhaps most renowned for how incredibly overpowered he was in the NHL ’94 game, but at the same time, it’s kind of unfair. Roenick was incredible in the game, and hockey fans will always remember him for it.

But Roenick was also a heck of a player IRL. The Hall of Famer played in over 1,300 games and recorded 1,216 points. It earned him seven All-Star games appearances. But Roenick wasn’t just a goalscorer or playmaker. He was also a testy player on the ice, and he was never afraid to drop the gloves, no matter who stood in front of him.

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During his years in the NHL, Roenick fought goons like Darcy Tucker, Ulf Samuelsson, Garth Butcher, and Tie Domi. In his rookie season, he also fought Marty McSorley. As you understand, he should have a pretty good understanding of who the toughest players in NHL history are.

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When speaking on ”The Rodcast” podcast, he was asked who the toughest guy he’s ever known in hockey is, and the response was great.

”Bob Probert. Tie Domi‚” he said.

”I fought Bob Probert but not because I wanted to, but because I had to because he attacked me. But Tie Domi is actually one person that I would ever fight because I’ve never seen a guy more excited, and who smiles and laughs every time he got hit in the head.”

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Jeremy Roenick couldn’t respect Domi more, however.

”He’s got a tough head. It’s titanium forehead. But you know what’s great about Tie? He’s one of the greatest guys in the world, but he was also one of the best fighter players. He does not got rated enough for how good of a hockey player he was. You know, he played the most games of any Toronto Maple Leaf for the longest time. For a fighter, that’s pretty special.”

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