Jacob Trouba teaches Alex Nylander a lesson about puck-watching as he steamrolls Pens forward with massive hit

Jacob Trouba has earned a reputation for being able to hand out huge open ice hits. Sometimes, they’re on the brink of being dirty and even dangerous, but Sunday showed a great example of when Trouba is on the right side of things, as he destroyed the Penguins’ Alex Nylander.

Trouba has been in the spotlight several times this year because of his physical impact on the ice.

As the Rangers have traded for some of the most skillful players in the league–like Vladimir Tarasenko and Patrick Kane–players like Jacob Trouba, who adds some physical presence on the ice, become even more important.

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And Trouba, who’s also the captain of the Rangers, has stepped up to the challenge. Trouba never backs down when he sees an opportunity, and it that Alex Nylander an important lesson in their matchup Yesterday.

Alex Nylander had the puck in the neutral zone, and as he passed it to a teammate, the Swede was caught puck-watching by Jacob Trouba, who didn’t hesitate to steamroll him.

Trouba’s hit was as clean as it gets, but the Penguins still tried to get some retaliation after the whistle.

It just ended with Evgeni Malkin getting sent to the penalty box for a cross-checking on Trouba, but the Penguins still managed to hold out their 2-1 lead through the second period, and they later won in a shootout.

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