Brad Marchand absolutely burns Paul Bissonnette on live TV with the most hilarious chirp

If you think that Brad Marchand would pass on the opportunity to chirp Paul Bissonnette, you’re wrong. And it didn’t even matter that BizNasty wasn’t in the studio.

The NHL on TNT broadcasted the matchup between the Boston Bruins and the Detroit Red Wings Sunday, and they did what everyone asked of them when they brought Brad Marchand to the interview microphone pre-game.

It’s not the first time Marchand has been on TNT handing out chirps this season, and it was just as fun this time, even though Paul Bissonnette wasn’t around.

Bissonnette is one of the regulars on the TNT panel, but on Sunday, he was absent, and Marchand took immediate notice.

“Where’s Biz? He a little bit hung over right now? He fell asleep through his alarm?” Marchand asked before puck drop ahead of Sunday’s early face-off between the Bruins and the Red Wings.

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Marchand was then informed that it was Bissonnette’s birthday on Saturday, and he handed out a huge jab against Biz.

”Well, there you go, 50 comes quick,” he said.

But, of course, it wasn’t Bissonnette’s 50th birthday. In fact, he’s only three years older than the 34-year-old Brad Marchand, but the Bruins star couldn’t help but take a swing at Biz.

When the Boston Bruins played in the 2023 Winter Classic, TNT broadcasted and had a legendary interaction as Bissonnette chirped Marchand about the size of his nose.

”Marchy, I’m surprised you didn’t put the eye block on the nose considering all the glare that’s coming off it,” Bissonnette said.
Bissonnette proceeded to say:
”Between you and Bergeron there’s gonna be no oxygen in the building.”

Brad Marchand is having a great season and is one of the key factors behind the B’s historic season. They’re the fastest team in history to 50 wins, and they’ve already clinched their place in the playoffs.

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