When NHL tough guy challenged two legendary enforcers with the 2 most intimidating words: ”I had to change my pants”

When NHL tough guy challenged two legendary enforcers with the 2 most intimidating words: ”I had to change my pants”

Steve MacIntyre might not be the most household name in hockey. But if you love tough guys, you should really know who it is. MacIntyre was nicknamed ”Bic Mac” and only played 91 games in the NHL.

He made his debut for the Edmonton Oilers in the 2008-09 season, but five years later, he played his last game in the big league. MacIntyre played for three different teams, and during the 91 games he played, he only scored two goals and two assists.

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But he was great in other things than goalscoring and brought something to his teams that most others couldn’t. At the same time as his numbers in points were low, his number in penalty minutes where higher. During his 91 games, he accumulated 175 penalty minutes.

That’s impressive numbers, and even more impressive considering he only averaged about three and a half minutes of ice time per game.

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MacIntyre didn’t fear anyone, not even Ryan Reaves. Reaves is renowned for being one of the toughest guys in the league, but that didn’t stop MacIntyre. Reaves played with Cam Janssen in the St. Louis Blues during the 2010-11 season, and this week, MacIntyre was a guest on Janssen’s podcast Cam&Strick Podcast, where he’s the host together with Andy Strickland.

When MacIntyre appeared on the podcast, he and Janssen shared an awesome story of what Bic Mac told Reaves during one of their matchups about ten years ago–and it’s absolutely legendary.

”So me and Ryan Reaves are at a face-off. They put you out, and you skate slowly up to us, and you look at both of us, and you go, ’Daddy’s home,’” Janssen said on his podcast.

ST PAUL, MN – DECEMBER 12: Ryan Reaves #75 of the Minnesota Wild looks on against the Edmonton Oilers in the third period of the game at Xcel Energy Center on December 12, 2022 in St Paul, Minnesota. The Wild defeated the Oilers 2-1. (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)

MacIntyre couldn’t stop laughing as he was told about the story.

”I just went, ’What the f-ck!?’ I looked at Reaves and I told him, ’I already got my f-cking fight.’” Janssen said.

”I stole that from you, and like, God, it’s the perfect thing to say when you’re a monster.”

When Andy Strickland shared the story on Twitter, defensemen Kevin Shattenkirk, who also played with the Blues at the time, responded:

”I was also standing next to Reavo and Jans when this happened and I’m pretty sure I had to change my compression shorts after that shift.”

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