Georges Laraque just met Dominik Hasek, and made The Dominator sign the most awesome note for him

During his long career in the NHL, Georges Laraque became one of the most feared fighters. He never backed down for anyone and put fear in his opponents with his rock-hard playing style and even more brutal fists.
Laraque made nearly 700 appearances in the NHL, but he scored just 53 goals and 153 points in the league as a forward. But the numbers are sure higher when talking about penalty minutes, and for that, Laraque was well-liked as a teammate.

But Laraque seems to be proud of one particular thing when it comes to his offensive resume. On Twitter, Laraque posted a picture with the legendary goalkeeper Dominik Hasek and him, holding a score sheet from 2001, from a game where Laraque scored two goals on “The Dominator.” Laraque had asked for a signature on the scoresheet as a memory of a lifetime.

Laraque writes on Twitter:
“This is priceless to me,” Laraque wrote on Twitter.
What a great homage to one of the greatest goaltenders ever. Respect!