Fans can’t stop laughing at hilarious video of Brad Marchand being mic’d up while receiving cross-check to the neck

Brad Marchand was at the center of everything during a testy game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins on March 8, just like he tends to be during that kind of games.

In the 4-1 win, Marchand was brutally cross-checked in the face by Jake McCabe, which led to strong reactions from fans.

McCabe gave two cross-checks in the same sequence. He first two-handed Jake DeBrusk before cross-checking Marchand high once the play was called dead.

Of course, Marchand was absolutely furious about the incident. He was seen screaming at McCabe for a long time before he eventually took a seat on the bench. McCabe wasn’t suspended for the cross-check but fined $5,000 for it.

But to fans’ delight, it just so happened that Brad Marchand was mic’d up during the game for the all-access documentary series Behind the B.

On the new episode of the series, which featured clips from the game against the Leafs, it became obvious just what Marchand said following the cross-check from McCabe, and to one’s surprise, it was a lot of profanity.

The following minute after the incident, it was almost all bleeps, as most of the words coming out of Marchand’s mouth were swears directed at McCabe.

Although almost everything Marchand said was bleeped, it was still hilarious to get a closer look at what was really happening after a controversial incident between two rivals. Fans would, of course, have loved to hear everything without the bleeps, but we’re still happy it was released, and fans found it hilarious just how mad Marchand was. It’s well worth the watch!

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