NHL fans are absolutely losing their minds after finding out how much this plate of fries cost at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver

It’s no secret that food and beverages are expensive at sporting events, and the NHL is no exception.

Once in a while, a post goes viral on X, formerly Twitter, about something expensive that was sold during a game, but we have probably never seen something so pricy as what we saw from Rogers Arena, Vancouver, earlier this week.

In a viral post on X, a mom shared that he had just paid $7.99 plus tax for a plate of fries, which she had bought for her son.

You would at least expect a full plate of fries and some toppings or something to dip them in for that amount.

But in this instance, it was a plate with no more than 15 fries. In the post, Sara Jones called it the ’saddest bunch of fries.’

“I know that being at Rogers Arena I’m in the land of overpriced food but this is the saddest bunch of fries for $7.99 plus tax,” she said.

Source: X

Jones also said in the comments that she asked Triple O, who sold the fries, if it was a mistake.

But they claimed that was the correct amount of fries.

“Almost 70cents a fry, lol,” Cody Severton, a writer for the CanucksArmy, said.

VANCOUVER, BC – OCTOBER 11: Vancouver Canucks center Elias Pettersson (40) celebrates with teammates after a goal scored during the second period of an NHL game against the Edmonton Oilers on October 11, 2023, at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, B.C. (Photo by Ethan Cairns/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

On social media, fans were left disgusted by the pricing of the fries.

”Omg! I would have given them the fries and told them to give my money back. That’s ridiculous,” one said.

”Omg that truly is so sad,” another said.

”Robbery!” a third added.

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