Fans are just loving what Nick Foligno did with goalie Linus Ullmark after Bruins OT win

Jeremy Swayman and Linus Ullmark are not just goalie colleagues; they’re close friends. They’re battling for the Nr. 1 goalie position at the Bruins, but at the same time, they’re always happy for each other.

Since last season, they’ve shared a special post-victory routine. It’s not something unique in hockey, but it’s not always that two goalies share happiness and support for each other.

Source: Twitter

The celebration between Ullmark and Swayman always ends on a similar note, with both goalies embracing with a generous and big hug. And the crowd always plays their part in roaring with the goalies.

Their celebration has been a huge hit, and all over the world, goalies are doing it. Young girls and boys, and adults. Ullmark said many people send him videos of others doing it.

”For us to spread that love and joy for each other, and that it can positively affect the world and others playing hockey. It makes me proud,” Ullmark said.

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Last night, however, was a strange one for Ullmark. After allowing his fifth goal, he got pulled from the game against Pittsburgh Penguins with 8:24 left in the second period. Jeremy Swayman entered the ice but exited the contest with over 14 minutes to go in the third.

Ullmark got re-inserted and also won the game after the Bruins pulled off a wild comeback with a 6-5 overtime win. But with Swayman out with an injury, what would happen to Ullmark’s celebration?

Luckily for him, Nick Foligno was in a helping mood. Foligno recorded one assist in the game as he set up Jakub Lauko for his first NHL goal in the first period.

Source: Twitter

But perhaps most important, Foligno stepped up in place of Swayman to give Ullmark his well-deserved celebratory hug.

Ian McLaren, the host of the podcast Locked on Bruins, wrote on Twitter: ”Foligno stepping up for the Ullmark hug is everything to me right now.”

Twitter account ”Hockey Players With Animals,” with almost 20k followers, wrote: ”Jeremy Swayman got hurt and taken out of the game so Nick Foligno filled in for goalie hugs with Linus Ullmark and my heart can’t take it.”

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