Trevor Zegras mic’d up trying to chirp backup goalie confirms he’s the nicest guy in the NHL

Trevor Zegras isn’t just one of the most exciting young players in the NHL. He’s also one of the nicest and most well-liked in the league.

His first season in the NHL was something special, and it earned him a nomination for the Calder Trophy, where he just ended up short against Detroit Red Wings defenseman Moritz Seider.

Source: Twitter

Zegras took the NHL by storm, especially when scoring lacrosse goals and even lacrosse assists. Zegras is not your ordinary player, and few players in the league are as humble as he is.

This summer, Zegras was also revealed as the cover athlete of NHL 23. The former cover athletes have been Auston Matthews, Alexander Ovechkin, P.K. Subban, and Connor McDavid. That says a lot about how popular Zegras really is and what a reputation he has in the league. 

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 Last night, in the Anaheim Ducks game against the San Jose Sharks, Zegras was mic’d up. And his popularity didn’t fall.

Zegras had an awesome interaction with Sharks backup goalie James Reimer, and everyone loved it.

As Zegras jumped on the bench, he collided with Reimer, which, according to See Morley, writer on the Sharks site, made him say:

“Heyheyheyyy c’maahn I’m a little guy, I’m just a little guy, noo, it’s also my birthday, I’m a little birthday boy.”

Source: Twitter

Later in the game, the broadcast picked up another awesome talk between Zegras and the goalie. 

”Oh, James. Oh, what? Because I hit you, you’re upset!? I’m a 130 pounds,” Zegras said.

Zegras was already one of the most liked players before he got mic’d up, and this didn’t do him bad. It’s now confirmed he’s the nicest player in the league.

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