Evander Kane accuses opponent of intentionally trying to cut him in the face with his skate

Evander Kane accuses opponent of intentionally trying to cut him in the face with his skate

There has been a lot of discussion in hockey about wearing neck guards during the last couple of months.

Former NHLer Adam Johnson died after being cut in the throat by an opponent’s skate. Since then, many have been asking for leagues around the world, including the NHL, to make it mandatory to wear neckguards that offer some protection against injuries like the one that tragically killed Adam Johnson.

Accidents can happen, but now, Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane calls out Minnesota Wild’s forward Ryan Hartman, accusing him of intentionally dragging his skate over his face.

During Friday’s matchup between the Oilers and the Wild, Hartman went after Kane after the Oilers forward had delivered a hit on Jonas Brodin, who will be sidelined for the upcoming month.

Hartman was out for revenge, and the two of them got tangled up on the ice. During the incident, Hartman, according to Kane, dragged a skate over his face on purpose.

“I had a skate dragged over my face on purpose,” Kane said of the incident happening in the third period of Friday’s game.

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Kane was asked if the player who had tried to cut his face was Hartman, to which he confirmed.

“I believe so, yeah,” said Kane.

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It’s a really hard accusation to accuse an opponent of using his skate as a weapon, especially in the high areas, like Kane’s face.

The allegations are even worse considering the tragic death of Adam Johnson, and we really hope that Kane got it all wrong.

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On social media, many believe Kane was wrong to make those kinds of accusations.

”I can’t make his story work; the guy is faceplanting, and his skate drags across his face as he’s falling. I love Kaner, but I don’t see this one,” one social media user said.

”Pathetic accusation,” another said.

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