Charles Barkley burns Wayne Gretzky after seeing The Great One drop his gloves over 30 years ago

Charles Barkley is a basketball Hall of Famer, having won two Olympic gold medals, and is considered one of the sport’s greatest. After ending his career, he has worked as an expert in television with NBA and golf broadcasts
But Barkley also happens to be a big fan of hockey.

Previously, Barkley has, among other things, said that his favorite player of all time is Ron Hextall, and tonight he was a part of TNT’s first broadcast. With him was Wayne Gretzky, and it didn’t take long before he went after The Great One with some serious chirps.

Photo: Twitter

Chuck, as Barkley’s called, was sitting next to Gretzky when the experts discussed fighting. Gretzky got into only two fights throughout his entire career. But that was not what made Barkley react. Instead, it was about the looks of the person to whom Gretzky lost his fight.
The fight in question was against Neal Broten, who had curly hair, which caught Barkley’s attention.
” Wait, you lost to a guy with a perm!? Are you serious? Did you really lose to a guy with a perm?”

Gretzky, however, took it all in stride, jokingly replied that he was given “five minutes for catfighting.”