Brett Hull reveals the true story behind him giving the Bruins the finger in the Stanley Cup finals

The entire city of St. Louis turned into a block party following the Blues Stanley Cup win last spring, bringing the cup home for the first time.

It wasn’t only the players together with their family and the fans who celebrated. Also, former players went at it. And Brett Hull might have done it the best.

The St Louis legend and Hall of fame forward scored 741 goals in 18 seasons in the NHL, but the two cups he won was in Dallas and Detroit.

Last spring, Hull finally got to celebrate the Blues winning the cup.

“I think I celebrated better not winning last year and just being a part of it than when I did when I won. For years I’ve said it was going to be the biggest party in the world, we might do two laps of the parade instead of just one,” Hull said on the Iron Mike Keenan Podcast by The Hockey News.

The Stanley Cup final against the Boston Bruins was a great series with the Blues winning the Cup in Boston 4-1 in game seven.

Game six was played in St Louis were the Blues could’ve won in front of their own fans, and Hull was in attendance. During the game, a picture of him giving the finger went viral, and plenty of people thought it was towards the Bruins Bench.

However, on the Iron Mike Keenan Podcast by The Hockey News, Hull reveals it was a completely different reason.

“Everybody thinks I was giving the bird to the Bruins, which isn’t true at all because I would never do that and disrespect a franchise like that,” Hull said. “It was a friend of ours that showed up in St. Louis wearing all Bruins gear. And we saw her come out of the vomitorium. She was walking down the aisle and we saw each other. I had had a couple and I gave her the bird. Everyone thinks it was against the Bruins but it was not.”

The now legendary celebration parade, at least in St. Louis, featured Hull giving the crowd a speech.

His friend wearing the Bruins gear during game six probably wasn’t as happy as Hull. But even though he gave her the finger, there’s no bad blood between them.

“She laughed, she’s a great girl. She’s been a Bruins fan all her life so I should’ve known better”, Hull said on the podcast. “I got some good press and good t-shirts out.”

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