Brett Hull never had his slap shot clocked, and the reason why is absolutely hilarious

He wasn’t really close to Al MacInnis’s slap shot, but Brett Hull still had incredible speed in his shots. Hull is considered one of the best players in NHL history, and during his 18 seasons in the league, he scored a sensational 741 goals.

Hull was a great offensive player and had everything needed to be an elite goalscorer. And his shot was perhaps his best asset. Not only did Hull have a cannon of a shot. He also had some spectacular accuracy. When Hull released a long slapper, it had a real chance of going in.

Source: Bildbyran

But to be fair, most of his goals weren’t long slap shots.

Instead, he was always in the right place in the slot, and his wrist shot rarely disappointed him. Hull had a 15.2 shooting percentage in his NHL career, and if you have that kind of accuracy, together with a cannon of a slapper, it’s quite the combination.

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But when you research Brett Hull’s slapshot online, you quickly see one weird thing. He never once had his slapshot clocked, so no one knows exactly how fast Hull’s slapshot was.

He always gets mentioned among the hardest shooters in NHL history, but there’s no real evidence. And that’s just how he likes it.

Source: Bildbyran

Some years ago, he revealed that he never had it clocked and that he wasn’t going to, either.

”Nope. Never will,” he said.

When asked why not, Hull responded:

”Just like you said, everyone thinks I have a hard one. What if it isn’t?”

Brett Hull; a certified genius!

Brett Hull was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2009, joining his father, Bobby Hull. Three years earlier, his number 16 was retired by the St. Louis Blues. 

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