Brad Marchand snaps back at Coyotes insider after reports about Trevor Zegras’ comments to Troy Stecher

Brad Marchand always speaks his mind when he feels something is wrong. He’s known for being a rat on the ice and doing everything to get his opponent out of balance.

But he’s a real gem on social media, and his responses are often hilarious and random. Last week, he responded to a trade rumor regarding Edmonton Oilers’ forward Jesse Puljujarvi with an emoji. Now, he’s done it again, but this time, he left fans with more questions than answers.

During Sunday’s matchup between the Anaheim Ducks and the Arizona Coyotes, Trevor Zegras said something to Troy Stecher that made him absolutely furious. Stecher isn’t known or losing his mind on the ice. He’s actually a rather cool player who isn’t involved in many scrums. But during an exchange with Zegras, something provoked him to the point that he exploded in rage.

Immediately, fans and reporters started speculating what Zegras could’ve said that made him so angry. And it didn’t take long until rumors were out that Zegras had said something about Stecher’s father, who died in 2020.

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People claimed, judged only on lip-reading, Zegras had mocked Stecher’s late Dad. But Arizona Coyotes insider Craig Morgan later confirmed that wasn’t the case, although Zegras still said something over the line.

”I can confirm via the Coyotes that Anaheim forward Trevor Zegras did not say anything about Troy Stecher’s father during their dust-up last night but, per a team source, he crossed the line with “some very inappropriate comments,” Morgan wrote on Twitter.

And that’s where Brad Marchand needed to get involved. Out of the blue, Marchand responded to Morgan’s Tweet, saying, ”Shut your pie hole Craig.”

Fans were confused about why Marchand was angry with Morgan for confirming Zegras didn’t mock Stecher’s father. Some speculate that Marchand knows that Zegras did do it.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

But some also think that Marchand believes that players trash-talking should stay on the ice and not be commented on, denied, or confirmed. But nobody knows for sure.

”Morgan was the one who confirmed Zegras didn’t say anything about his Dad, but maybe he did? And Marchand knows? If that’s not it, then I’m even more confused now,” one fan said.

”My favorite part is that the tweet went out at 11:40 PM. Marchand got on Twitter in the middle of the night to tell him to shut his pie hole for no reason,” said another.

”From a Bs fan perspective, this is a weird tweet for him to send…,” a third said.

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