The Arizona Coyotes breaks silence after rumors about Trevor Zegras mocking Troy Stecher’s dead father

Trevor Zegras isn’t known as a bad guy around the NHL, and he often gets praised for how great of a person he is. Zegras is always so funny outside the ice and is known for his hilarious reactions to stuff that happens on the ice.

Zegras is a breath of fresh air in the league, and it’s not often he’s found himself in any kind of controversy. That’s why the incident against the Arizona Coyotes Sunday was so surprising to everyone. 

During the second period of the game, Zegras said something to Coyotes defenseman Troy Stecher, and it was clear that it wasn’t something nice. Stecher completely lost his mind and went after Zegras in no time, filled with rage.

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Immediately, fans and reporters started speculating about what Zegras could’ve said, and some suggested it had something to do with Stecher’s late father. He passed away in 2020, and some reporters came to the conclusion, simply by lip-reading, that Zegras had said something about that to Stecher. 

The nasty rumors quickly made the rounds on social media, and fans were absolutely furious with Zegras for doing something so low.

But now it seems all but confirmed that the rumors are incorrect. Zegras probably said something dirty, but a report from Arizona Coyotes insider Craig Morgan confirms that Zegras didn’t say something about Stecher’s father.

”I can confirm via the Coyotes that Anaheim forward Trevor Zegras did not say anything about Troy Stecher’s father during their dust-up last night but, per a team source, he crossed the line with “some very inappropriate comments.” Morgan said.

The Coyotes didn’t want to specify what Zegras said that upset Stecher so much. But, according to Zegras, it wasn’t a big deal.

“I’m not sure – it was pretty standard trash talk,” Zegras said. “If he wants to act like that, it’s totally fine.”

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