Brad Marchand rips fan to pieces after mocking himself(!) on social media

Brad Marchand always find a way of being in the centre of attention. The Boston Bruins forward often turns up with goals and assist, but is mostly known for being a real pain in the ass on the ice.

Sometimes it’s about fighting some opponent and other times it’s all about the chirping and messing around. And now, in the off-season, he still finds a way to chirp – this time on social media.

On Sunday, Marchand decided to mock himself on Instagram, by posting a picture on his famous shootout against the Philadelphia Flyers, back in January, when he completely missed the puck. The mistake led to the Bruins losing the game, but this time Marchand made fun of himself, posting a pic with the caption: ”When you leave the house and think to yourself ‘I know I’m forgetting to bring something.. but what is it?’”.

Most of Marchands’ followers found the caption hilarious, but one guy decided to comment some negativity:

”Imagine 16,000 people watching the most embarrassing moment of your professional career. Sorry for your losing your pride in that moment, Brad”, he wrote.

But no way Brad Marchand would let a comment like that go unanswered. He decided to snap back, and ripped the fans into pieces.

”Imagine 16,000 people ever watching you do anything . Beat it pigeon”‚ Marchand wrote.