Brad Marchand loses it and drops the gloves with Fabian Zetterlund; fans can't decide if it was dirty or not on his part

Brad Marchand loses it and drops the gloves with Fabian Zetterlund; fans can’t decide if it was dirty or not on his part

What makes the Boston Bruins so great is that they’re a team, with players willing to do everything for each other.

In previous years, everyone was willing to jump the other player when someone hit or went after the beloved captain, Patrice Bergeron.

This season, Brad Marchand is the new captain of the Boston Bruins, and the team shows the same collective response when he’s on the receiving end of a dirty hit.

However, Brad Marchand has always been a guy who can retaliate against players on his own, and last night, he got into a big argument with San Jose Sharks forward Fabian Zetterlund.

Brad Marchand had been involved in an incident just minutes earlier. Sharks’ Givani Smith cross-checked Marchand into the boards from behind.

Derek Forbort immediately went after him as he jumped Smith, and just moments later, Trent Frederic dropped the gloves with Smith, who had just gotten out of the penalty box, to retaliate and send a message: Don’t mess with our captain.

“[Marchand’s] our captain,” Frederic said postgame. “Everyone loves him in here, and he’s obviously a great player.”

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Just moments later, Brad Marchand got into some trouble of his own. He started a fight with Fabian Zetterlund, seemingly out of nowhere, and was called for roughing and fighting, earning seven minutes in the penalty box.

For a long time, Brad Marchand was considered the dirtiest player in the league, but this fall, he seemed calmer, maybe feeling the responsibility of being the team captain.

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However, his fight with Zetterlund gained a lot of attention on social media, and fans couldn’t seem to agree if it was a dirty move on his part, dropping the gloves with a player who perhaps didn’t seem too eager to do the same.

”Throws a punch when the guy hasn’t committed. That’s dirty,” one social media user said on X.

”Didn’t clock anyone, sucker punch someone, as always,” another said.

”Throw first, ask questions later,” a third added.

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But some believed Zetterlund was more than ready for it.

”Zetterlund’s gloves were off; he was ready lmao,” one said.

”Maybe Zetterlund shouldn’t throw a check at a player that doesn’t have the puck. Also, he dropped his gloves,” another added.”

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