5’9″ Brad Marchand makes a bold move and drops the gloves with 6’4″ Niko Mikkola, fans all say the same thing after the tilt

The match between the Boston Bruins and the Florida Panthers Tuesday was heated, and to no one’s surprise, Brad Marchand was involved in more than one scuffle during the game.

At one point, while the Panthers held a 2-1 lead in the middle of the second period, Marchand dropped the gloves with Niko Mikkola, to fans’ huge excitement.

Marchand has never been afraid to participate in scrums and fights, but this one was unusual even for him. Given the huge difference in size between them, it was a bold move to challenge Mikkola to a fight.

Standing at 5’9, Marchand isn’t the tallest player in the NHL. Panthers’ defenseman Niko Mikkola stands 6,4, so it was an uneven fight on the paper, and it didn’t last long either.

With a full six inches to his advantage, Mikkola had no trouble getting the best of Marchand.

Mikkola swiftly took Marchand to the ice after just seconds, and he didn’t seem to waste a lot of energy on the fight.

You can’t blame Marchand for trying, but on social media, he was quickly mocked for how he handled the fight, with everyone saying the same thing about it.

”You love to see a kid try to wrestle their dad,” one said on X, formerly Twitter.

”Brad got ragdolled so fast,” another said.

”That was not a fight. Marchand threw couple of ridiculous punches then got pancaked cause Mikkola had enough of his crap,” a third said.

”Marchand goes after the softest guy and still gets tossed like a rag doll. What a fake tough guy,” a fourth added.

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