Brad Marchand fights Kris Letang WWE-style: “He almost broke my knee”

Kris Letang and Brad Marchand were involved in quite a battle last night in Pittsburgh.

After ducking a hit, Marchand and Letang turned the hockey game into a wrestling match, and in the third period the two were involved in another situation.

“He almost broke my knee”, Letang told the Athletic.

It wasn’t the first time Brad Marchand became the talking point of the night. But this time it turned out to be something that the opposition used as a way of changing the game.

In the second period, Kris Letang went in for a hit on Marchand, but the Bruins forward ducked, throwing Letang into the boards.

However, the situation didn’t end there. Marchand surely thought it was a bad hit and went after Letang.

It all quickly turned into a fight, but maybe a fight more suited for wrestling. Trading places on the ice, Letang and Marchand threw shots at each other and both went to the bench.

But it wasn’t the last time the two squared off inside the PPG Paints Arena last night.

In the third period, Letang threw another hit at Marchand who once again ducked. This time, Letang was the only one sent to the box for elbowing.

Speaking to The Athletic after the game, Letang said he couldn’t have done anything different.

“He ducked right before I hit him,” Letang told The Athletic.

“He did it in the second period. What do you want me to do? How am I supposed to expect a guy to duck? In the second period, he almost broke my knee. He ducked right into my knee. In the third, he ducks because he didn’t want to get hit. What do you want me to do there?”

The Penguins defeated the Bruins 4-3 after scoring four unanswered goals.

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